Jupiter and All Its Moons

Jupiter, and all its moons, will hang
above, a cherry pit full of
worlds, full of continents and oceans,
hills and grass and cherry trees.

Clouds scurry to the North of the city,
pulling the shadow of moutains down.
The warmth of the sun setting,
is at war with the storm that is settling in.

Houses facing South and West are painted distinctly:
yellow with bright black trim and maroon
sinking into the face of Daylight Savings Time.
The daylight is lingering and fading slow.

The air, so far North, with the wind
billowing up from the sea, is clean,
and the light is low enough, that the stars
from Rigel to the Pleiades are clearly seen.
It is on nights like these that Jupiter,
and all its moons, is most spectacular,
and miniature against the universe.