The People vs Kellogg’s

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(2021, Various Sizes, Photoshop)
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Boycotting the Strikebreakers

Kellogg’s workers went on strike because they were being forced to work 16 hour days for 7 day weeks, sometimes up to 120 days in a row, and because Kellogg’s introduced a two-tiered system so that new hires were on a lower pay scale. In response, Kellogg’s tried to break the strike by firing 1400 of their employees, instead of negotiating with their striking workers in good faith.

As a show of solidarity, I designed a sheet of the major Kellogg’s subsidiaries to make boycotting the company easier. The easiest part of this design was the logo field, as one can search for “[company] logo”, find a high-quality png in seconds, and drag it into the psd.

A Simple Message

The Kellogg’s issue was already resonating with a lot of people, but I was quick on the draw and this sheet was spread around the internet, along with a couple of other graphics. It was a joy to play a small part in the agitprop side of things, designing posters and boycott material for the people. But it was even more inspiring to see internet communities rally around direct action like mass applications and shutting Kellogg’s hiring sites down.

The second Kellogg’s graphic had a rather simpler message. Along with adding texture, the main work here was finding a font that largely matched the Kellogg’s font and altering it to bring it close enough to fool the eye.

Winning Graciously

When Kellogg’s workers finally won a just contract, despite all of the company’s bluster, it felt right to design something gracious to commemorate the moment and mend bridges between workers and company. Or… have some fun with it.