Strange Legends


A character zine for 15 characters with hand-drawn illustrations, stats, stories, and a minimalist design aesthetic.



Whether you play a tabletop roleplaying game and want inspiration for characters, or you just love the excitement of fun illustrations and stories, these strange and legendary characters are sure to inspire you. The zine is B&W and 32 pages, with illustrations, stats, skills, and stories.

The characters in Strange Legends come from all walks of life, and inhabit a world full of adventure and danger. The Lizard King has seized the imperial throne, splintering a despotic empire into factions and wild territories. Ancient societies vie with upstart factions. Humans are far from being the dominant species, and coexist with many strange races; some of which you will recognize, and some you may not.

While some of the race and class names might be familiar, none of the characters are a perfect fit for traditional 5e or Pathfinder archetypes. This is intentional. The classes aren’t provided to lock you into a system-specific class, but to provide you with roleplaying options. The skills provided in the zine are also system agnostic.