Beneath the sheets of water tumbling cool around
a layered shale slowly overturns.
Spring overflows and Winter expands,
and in the hollowed glade we hold each other
fast against the river – and the other body – fast against our own.

In glades where rivers hide
is where my love will find
a peace that does not pass from sight.

On country paths near buried
between hedges steeped in Summer
days and Autumn nights, here
where fences seem to courage build,
when we wait with bated longing –
better binding up in love than desperate wounds supplying.

In fields where field mice,
from hedges out of sight,
spy lovers where they hide.

We – red devils – scurry under black
heavens – firing angry bees that burst
in brilliant sparks, in bloody smoke.
Smoke cigarettes and dance the fire
reflect from glistening eyes.
Laugh between great blades of grass;
tangle our breath and – ribs beating – lie

in the glow of a rockets flight
a beating heart I find,
desire awakens – in its time.