Zine Season

I have way too many of these, and I want to give them to you. This is the third volume of Strange Creatures.

Strange Creatures II

When I created Strange Creatures, I wanted to take a deep and sometimes uncomfortable well of desire, and present it in a form that wouldn’t incriminate me.

Driftwood Vol. II

Volume II of the Driftwood Poetry Journal came out recently. I was privileged to be able to work with the Vol I poets

Driftwood Vol. 1

I was privileged to be able to work with some good friends on a collection of our poetry

Inktober Day 8

Muhammad A Bee. He stings like a bee. This is late, but it’s a pun, so that’s okay, right?

Inktober Day 4

Bat Pilgrim. I love everything about that jacket, especially the sweet X-Men patch.

Fridge Poems

With the magnetic poetry on #Pepperland’s fridge.