Anarchist Icons

Web Assets
(2021, Various Sizes, Illustrator, Photoshop)
Adbusters Media Foundation

Order in Chaos

I created a set of icons for Adbusters. For these, I used the Noun Project to get a broad idea of shapes to communicate ideas and then worked in Illustrator to design the icons.

The purpose of the icons was to use as cover images for highlights on the Adbusters Instagram account. In order, the icons represent Adbusters TV, Buy Nothing Day, Design Anarchy, and the Adbusters Culture Shop where they primarily sell magazines. Here they are as they appear on the Adbusters Instagram profile.

Chaos in Order

For a very different project, I wanted an April Fools post that would be convincing enough to fool a good portion of the readership, while being wildly off-brand for Adbusters. I settled on the Anarchism symbol with the Amazon arrow to represent a fictional partnership between Adbusters and Amazon. So simple that I’m surprised no one else thought of it first!