Fantasy Character Generator

(2021, mobile and desktop, html, css, and writing)
Personal Project

The Fantasy Character Generator is a webpage I developed to generate random fantasy characters to sketch, while exploring the functionality of the Perchance platform and flexing my css and html muscles.


The first Perchance generator I created was Fantasy Place Generator, utilizing over 300 variables and extensive in-generator rules to output convincing fantasy place names. I also used Zapier to integrate it with a twitter account where it automatically tweets out a new fantasy name every 8 hours.


For the character generator I dramatically expanded my variable lists to include names, animals, fantasy races, classes, and weapons or objects for the characters to wield.

I also honed the visual elements of the new page with css and html, and introduced some typographic styling. For mobile, I created media exceptions for a smooth ui transition. The furthest extent of my tinkering, at this point, has been adding the option to generate multiple characters at once, with appealing visuals on both desktop and mobile.