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Baudelaire – Head of Hair More VideoBooks from the Summer.

Obsolete Glory

I assure you, I am falling apart. My toes peel like grapes, like


I am concerned with your movements, your hands kneading dough on the kitchen island, stretching

Strange Creatures II

When I created Strange Creatures, I wanted to take a deep and sometimes uncomfortable well of desire, and present it in a form that wouldn’t incriminate me.

Driftwood Vol. II

Volume II of the Driftwood Poetry Journal came out recently. I was privileged to be able to work with the Vol I poets

An Answer in Sonnet

‘Tis Silence moves its fingers 'cross my skin; it searches, tenuous and then precise,

Rough Lumber

Who arranged the stones that form this wall? For they have not placed them cleanly, cheek to cheek.

Entropy of Hours

Our bodies are falling back to dust in an entropy of hours. Our teeth,